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Who we are,
where we came from,
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Who we are

You might be here to learn about where we are based (Brisbane), how big or small we are, (just right), or how long we have been in operation (it’s not polite to ask our age, but if you must know, we came to life in 2011).

Maybe you’d like to know about who got us all started on this journey (our Director, Alexandra Shaw) or why we are on the journey at all (to empower our community and to promote choice, control and quality of life). Or, maybe, you chose to visit this page because you want to know: what makes For Life so special? Well, we’d love to tell you…

At For Life, we don't just come to work, do our job, and head home. We walk in smiling, rock our responsibilities, have a chat and a laugh with our team and those we meet and when we're finished, we leave genuinely inspired to do it again the next day.

Our lives are as much a balance of unique, exciting and mundane as everyone else in this world – except that we get to work for an innovative company that is not only growing with the age of technology, but is one that stays true to its purpose and mission, which is pretty cool if you ask us.

We owe a massive cheers, thank you, grazie, merci, tualumba, dhanyawaad, xièxiè, miigwetch, dankie, m̀h’gōi – and many more – to our community and we hope that you’d like to come on board and make us part of your story as much as we’d like you to be part of ours.

If you’re not finished reading and you’d still like to know more, we’d love you to 'meet' our team…




With a background in Community Development and many years of work exploring and teaching human relatedness practices, Susan has a passion for anything that is about creating genuine connection, so For Life is a perfect fit! Susan's is the friendly voice you will most often hear on the other end of the phone or the helpful emails you will read when you get in touch. In her spare time, she loves stretching out the desk kinks with yoga, jumping on the bike for a whirl along the river, reading a delicious novel, or just generally ruminating about the mysteries and wonders of our interconnected world!

alex shaw


Founder and Director

Not only has Alex founded four community support and respite focussed initiatives (For Life, Tea-Cup Cottage, For Care & Play List Group) - she’s also co-founded two incredible young people and is a carer of those in need in high-care medical support (for more than 10 years). It is Alex’s talent for seeing someone’s inner potential and believing in them that has seen her grow her teams to what they are today. Alex is also a wine aficionado, lover of her job, musical theatre enthusiast, and expert maker of spaghetti bolognese!



Creative Designer

Introduced to the world of drawing and colouring by his parents, Muhammad grew into a person who has a high sensitivity to a work of art. Colour, line, shape, texture, composition, layout always become his concern when looking at anything. With his long experience working on various design projects, Muhammad's magical touch gives maximum results for clients. Muhammad also enjoys his time playing with his sons, is a photo and video lover, and has a total of 8 cats in the house!



General Manager

Once upon a time a little girl was told she could be anything she wanted to be - and she wanted to be a singer! And when that didn’t work out...a novelist! And then a forensic psychologist...a lawyer...or ...Prime Minister? Well, some of these have been crossed off the list and others may be ‘under development’ but what you need to know is that Adrienne loves research, writing, working in a team of great people, and creating the perfect user experience, just as much as she loves sci-fi and political dramas (though, preferably not together). Adrienne is an oxford comma revolutionary, is fluent in Pig Latin and Legalese, and lives with a 2:2 ratio of dogs and cats!



Web Architect

Hari isn’t just the architect of For Life, he’s also our Go-To-Guru for all things related to technology. And he’s PERFECT for the job because he not only has a degree in Computer Science, but also has over 14 years of experience in the software industry under his belt! That’s not what makes him so great in our eyes though - you see Hari is ‘Hari’ because he is always willing to help, loves taking on a challenge, and is always up for talking with our team to find a solution. Hari goes ga-ga over gadgets, is a 10/10 lover of cricket, an automobile enthusiast, and a 24/7 best dad!



Content Coordinator

Not too long ago she was studying fashion, but after accidentally falling into the digital marketing world, Britt quickly learned where her passion lay. When she's not creating content for different channels, she is busy watching Hallmark movies or out and about on an adventure. Britt scores 10/10 as a big sister, is an audiobook fanatic, and often dreams of Positano in the summer!



Our vision is to create a world of choice, control and independence that empowers and increases fulfilment for all.


To promote independence and use innovation to inspire happier communities, connect people with opportunities, and make a positive difference in the lives of our users, our employees and our partners.



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